18 Jul 2013

Taking Stock

When I started this blog there were two main questions I wanted to answer:
1) Could I consistently produce work good enough that I was happy for others (however few) to see it
2) Would there be enough of me in the work for it to be recognisable as the work of one person
I also decided to limit myself geographically and stylistically (the county where I live / "straight" colour) as I thought this would best support those two goals.

I did think I might struggle when summer arrived, as looking back at what I'd done in previous years there always seemed to be a dip. And so it happened a few weeks ago that I went out for a walk and came back with not a single shot worth even a second look.

Time to force myself to look afresh, I decided to change camera and film. Not really, I just changed format and jpeg settings. I went on a little experimental run. I will almost certainly return to something close to what I've posted here over the last few months (I already have a few pictures I'm considering) but I don't think I will try to constrain myself as much.

Also quite busy on a new contract at the moment (work isn't anything to do with photography).

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